Sound of Science

The Sound of Science consists of eight pieces of music written by composers from around the world. Paired with scientists of their own choosing, composers create music inspired by and reflective of the individual's scientific practice. Each piece, written for amplified cello and electronics will be performed by Jeffrey Zeigler, long time member of Kronos Quartet, cellist for John Zorn, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and many more. The unique collaboration will premiere in New York City Fall of 2018, followed by performances in Mexico City, Austin, and beyond.



Paola Prestini is one of the most visionary multimedia composers of our time and to date, much of her most inspired music has been written for cello. This program brings the listener to one of her earliest interdisciplinary works created with VisionIntoArt and then takes us forward to her most recent creation with the famed director, Robert Wilson.

(M)iyamoto is Black Enough

(M)iyamoto is Black Enough is a collaborative exploration of meaning and conversation; a contemporary band of hard driving rhythms and biting social commentary that utilizes steelpan, cello, drums, and poetry/vocals. The performance is complex and aggressive, and involves all elements equally in a bold narrative about people, justice, struggle, joy, and celebration.

Something of Life

Something of Life is a sonic exploration of human existence. The journey begins with the discovery of humans through religion before continuing on a path through fantasy, magic, memories and the cosmos.

Two Oars

A new work based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Old Man and the Sea by Robert Wilson and Paola Prestini with text by Royce Vavrek. In addition to visual references and inspirational images, a number of subjects have been collected for the text of the 8 knee-plays including nautical terms, passages from Ezra Pound’s The Cantos, passages from a letter of Hemingway’s to Marlene Dietrich, Baseball statistics from the 1950s as well as prayers such as Our Father or the Hail Mary in Lucumí. The work has been in workshops for three years at the Watermill Center and will go on to the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb in March 2018.